1554 Fulton St, Brooklyn NY 11216 (917) 749-4858

Bernie’s Glass Shop Inc.
1554 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY 11216
(917) 749-4858


Bernie’s Glass Shop Inc.
Bernie’s Glass Shop Inc.
Bernie’s Glass Shop Inc.

Our History

Hi! My name is Jerome, but people call me “Mr. Bernie.” I run the family business established in 1954 by my father Bernie Gross—known around the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood as “Bernie the Glazier.”

I grew up in my father’s workshop, where I learned how to create and install glass, windows, tabletops, and mirrors. Almost everyone in our family was in the glass trade—from my uncle George to my Uncle Benjamin (on my mom’s side), to my father.

Here at Bernie’s Glass, we do everything: from glass shower surrounds to skylights to stained glass. The ways I can help you are listed on the Services section of this website. My clients include some of New York City’s top interior designers and architects, as well as television production designers, and quite a few bold-faced names I can’t mention in print. Most of all, I am proud that Bernie’s Glass has a long history of helping local residents and contractors in our neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant.

Bernie’s Glass offers service backed by experience, with a personal touch and the best craftsmanship. As a third-generation glazier, I will ensure that you get the correct glass for the right application and that it will be expertly installed.

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